This EULA (end user licence agreement) is designed to govern the relationship between a licensor of software and end users.

The EULA can act as a stand-alone licence; but it can also act as one element in a more sophisticated licensing arrangement. The licensing provisions are flexible, and can easily be adapted for a wide range of different situations. In addition to the core licensing provisions, the EULA includes optional short-form clauses covering support and maintenance.

If you need a document that also covers the online sale of the software, see our software download T&Cs on Website Contracts.

*On we publish various consultancy agreements, including a version of this document which omits the text attributing authorship to Docular.
End users

EULA contents

In the majority of cases, we would expect this EULA template to be used in such a way that the end user gives his or her agreement to the template upon download or installation. However, the template also includes more traditional “shrink-wrap” acceptance provisions.

The suggested licence covers the installation of the software, the use of the software in accordance with its documentation, and the creation of back-up copies of the software. However, you should adapt this to suit your own situation. Sub-licensing may either be expressly permitted or prohibited.

The EULA incorporates optional provisions regarding licensing charges and their payment. A standard set of software warranties (and warranty exceptions) is also included.

Our software licensing library

We publish and maintain a wide range of legal documentation for software licensing. We’ve listed the key documents below, with links to Website Contracts and Docular: our ecommerce websites. While Website Contracts supplies downloadable MS Word documents, with Docular you can edit your document online before downloading.

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