Medical disclaimer

This medical disclaimer may be suitable for use on websites that provide free medical information – such as the websites of healthcare providers.

This disclaimer may be used as a stand-alone document or as a part of general website terms and conditions.

This medical disclaimer is designed to help clarify the publisher’s responsibilities and thereby reduce the legal risks associated with this kind of website.

See also our medical website terms and conditions template, available on Docular.

*On we publish various consultancy agreements, including a version of this document which omits the text attributing authorship to Docular.
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More about medical disclaimers

This disclaimer may be suitable for use on websites that supply free medical information – for example, information about injuries, diseases, pharmaceuticals, therapies, medical devices or health products.

The disclaimer provides that such medical information is merely information – not advice. If users need medical advice, they should consult a doctor or other appropriate medical professional. The disclaimer also provides that no warranties are give in relation to the medical information supplied on the website, and that no liability will accrue to the website owner in the event that a user suffers loss as a result of reliance upon the information.

Of course, this kind of liability disclaimer will not always be enforceable. The courts regularly rule that limitations and exclusions of liability are ineffective (on various grounds). You should take advice from your lawyer if you may wish to rely upon a disclaimer of liability.

The disclaimer may be used on its own or used as part of another legal document.

The contents of this medical advice disclaimer are as follows: (1) no advice; (2) no warranties; (3) professional assistance; (4) limiting our liability; and (5) this disclaimer.

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