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We’ve listed here the law firms and other legal organisations currently in the SEQ Legal network. All of these firms combine legal and professional excellence with the ability to service clients for all shapes and sizes, including SMEs and start-ups.


Description: ClaydenLaw is a niche commercial law firm specializing in the IT, e-commerce, communications, data protection and commercial law fields. We take a pragmatic and proportionate approach, and we recognize that we are a means to our clients’ achieving their objectives, not the end in itself.

Specialisms: publishing law, marketing law, internet law, contract law, commercial law, data protection law, intellectual property law, information technology law

mpm Legal

Description: mpm legal is a niche employment law firm. Our practice was created out of an awareness of the changes that are taking place within the legal market, and a willingness to commit to a level of service and value that the current and future markets require.

Specialisms: data protection law, employment law, litigation

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