14 or 30 day returns?

I bought the Online Shop Template pack from you for use on my online store.

In the Terms and conditions of sale via website (B2C) document under section 8 Distance contracts: cancellation right 14 days is mentioned.

In the Returns policy document 30 days is mentioned

For an online shop is the law now 14 or 30 days for returns?

If we wish to offer 30 day returns do we need to change the “Terms and conditions of sale via website (B2C)” section 8 Distance contracts: cancellation right to say 30 days as well?

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

The 14 day returns period in the T&Cs of sale document reflects the distance selling rules.

The returns policy document is intended for use where the seller wants to offer return rights going beyond those required by the law. Usually – although not always – such rights would extend beyond the legal 14 day period.  Hence the 30 day suggestion.

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