Can an international courier be challenged when they charge back a collection cost, made on behalf of one of their customers?

Has anyone experience or advice when dealing with an international courier, who collects goods from your premises, on behalf of their customer.

According to their small print, should their customer not pay them for any reason, they then reserve the right to pass the charge back to yourselves.

We are in a position where the couriers customer ceased trading after receiving the goods and the courier is now threatening to take us to court for their losses.   As this was a very large pallet being collected from the UK and going on to the USA, this is a substantial charge.

Any advice, would be welcomed.


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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

Before doing anything else here, I would ask the courier company to set out clearly the legal basis of their claim. If the courier company are relying upon their own small print, presumably they believe they have a contract with you distinct from the contract with their customer. If they are relying upon contract, have all the formalities for the formation of a contract been met? 

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