Can I sue this author?

Can I sue an author who has published offensive material? The author is a licensed psychologist and reverend/pastor who was convicted in civil court of coercing women into sexual relationships during counseling sessions. He has written and published several books about healing, coping, and spirituality. I was one of his victims many years ago. His church closed because of women coming forward to speak out against him, and he lost his licence to practice. It has been legally proven that he is a predator and an sex abuser. It galls me that he can profit from advising and counseling people via his books.

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

You may have rights of action against this person independent of the books, but I can’t think of a right of action under English law that could be used to block publication itself. I do however think that you should consider asking a lawyer to look at this properly, because (i) those other rights of action may be worth exploring; and (ii) the book may contain some specific material which is actionable. You may be able to get assistance here from a pro bono law centre.

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