Dissolved company still trading – CCJ outstanding


I am the claimant of a CCJ for a company debt. The director lives in America and operates the (UK) business bank account in his own name rather than in the company name. So when I applied for a third party debt order it was dismissed because I’d used the company name as the bank account name, and the judge stated that I had no judgment against the person listed on the third part debt order application.

In deciding what action I could now take, i.e. starting the proceedings all over again, I’ve since discovered that the company has been (compulsary) struck off.  They are however still trading, have an active website and phone/email ordering system, and in the same company name!

Whilst I could report them to Companies House, I’m hesitant to do so straight away in case this gives me an opportunity to still take action to recover the monies owed to me. I think I have found a UK address for the director and so could obtain a warrant for this purpose.

Any advice would be appreciated please?

Thank you in advance.

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

I’m afraid I don’t do litigation any more, and am not up to date with all the relevant procedures.

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