Do I need a disclaimer?

I have a completed manuscript copyrighted with the Library of Congress that has been edited and is currently awaiting printing and distribution. It is my memoir / autobiography and my question to you is as follows. At the beginning of my manuscript it states the names have been changed of all persons involved or implemented within the manuscript to first and most importantly protect myself the author and to protect the presumably innocent and those who have since then passed on (deceased). But do I need a disclaimer to further protect me from liabilty of persons or person who are still among the living?

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

In the UK it is not uncommon to include a disclaimer of liability in a work where there are identified legal risks, and in some circumstances such a disclaimer might prove useful. However, a disclaimer is not a requirement as such, and will not necessarily help in the event of litigation.

As regards the position under US law, you should consult a suitable experienced US-qualified lawyer.

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