How to get my money back?

I signed up on a survey website without reading the private policy or T&Cs. On the sign up page there was nowhere mentioned that you should be a resident of US or not.Then even after few months of membership they didn’t inform me. Then I received a survey invitation, which I did, and earned 10$. When I earned them and I asked them about a query and upon checking my account they found out that I had 10$ and was from outside US. They stripped me of my membership and also my 10$ and just informed me that the site doesn’t operate outside US.

Now I want to know why didn’t they inform me at the registration page or at lest after a few months? They only told me after I had earned my 10$.

Now I want to receive back my 10$, which I had earned.

Is there anything I can do, file a case or report it to a online court or something and also receive compensation?

Thank you

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

Without reading the relevant T&Cs and knowing the site involved, it is difficult to ascertain the legal position.

However, I don’t think there is any need to dwell on the legalities, given that the amount at stake is $10. Even inexpensive forms of legal proceedings cost significantly more than this. Whilst it may be annoying and unjust for you to lose the $10, it just isn’t worth pursuing beyond correspondence with the site operator.

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