How to reference a Trading Name of a Ltd company in an agreement?

We correctly state our ltd company details on our website but trade with a different name that is better suited the market niche and is used by the domain name e.g. “ABC SEO” &, so we state on our paperwork that ABC-SEO is a trading name of XXXX Ltd.

How should this be referenced in our agreement so that the client understands, providing clarity and transparency, as they will be confused if they are signing an agreement with XXXX Ltd rather than “ABC SEO”?

Should it be stated in the parties statement after the address as “, trading as / also known as “ABC SEO”, (“The Provider”)” ?

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

Yes, that is exactly how I would reference a trading name in an agreement parties clause.

For example: “SEQ Legal LLP trading as Docular”.

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