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What type of disclaimer, privacy policy and terms & conditions will I need for an advisory website?

I am building a website that offers university advice to students in China. I am concerned about protecting the site’s data and customers personal information. I am also concerned about liability should a customer make a comment on the site and I get sued when I am a neutral party.

Could you please help me understand how to better protect myself, the site and customers in China and the UK?

Thank you.

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

It’s difficult to provide specific guidance in relation to this kind of open question.

Points to bear in mind would include:

  • Is compliance with both UK and Chinese law required? To the extent that the law of either jursidiction may formally apply, are there any real risks?
  • Regarding data protection compliance under EU law, you should consider the impact of the GDPR, which will come into force in May next year.
  • In respect of liability for user content, you should try to take advantage of the special defences in the defamation legisalation and the EU’s ecommerce regulations.

If you would like more specific guidance regarding the selection of templates, please contact us directly via the website contact form.


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