Legal entity with regard to a person who uses a ‘known by? name

A power of attorney has been completed in the persons legal entity/birth name. Eg Colin Joseph Smith.  This person is 77 years old.

A will has been completed with the legal entity/birth name and includes the known as name.  Eg Colin Joseph Smith (also known as Peter Joseph Smith).

The person has bank accounts, household bills (pension, bank, savings accounts, insurance, electricity, phone, etc) in a ?known as? name eg: Peter Joseph SmithT

The person is now incapacitated and the person appointed as the power of attorney to act on their behalf is having difficulty proving the two names are the same person – Colin Joseph Smth & Peter Joseph Smith.

Could you please advise the legality involved in this case and how this can be proved to the bank, insurance companies, etc etc that they are the same person and therefore be able to exercise the power of attorney.

Thank you.


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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

Sorry, this is outside my area.

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