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Hi there. I have paid a tradesman a sum of money to purchase a composite door for my home from a manufacturer. The door was manufactured incorrectly and the tradesman originally blamed the manufacturers. I am no longer working with the tradesman due to a disagreement regarding the quality of work that was being carried out and he walked off-site. He has since called the door manufacture and told them that the door is fit for purpose and therefore they will not make another. 

The tradesman ordered the door using a company name that was dissolved in 2000. Is this a criminal act and is it a chargeable offence? All I want is the door that I requested but the tradesman has said that he will call the manufacturer if I pay him more money for the work he did. Is this blackmail and an admission that the door was incorrect in the first place? Thank you so much. 

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

Sorry, I’m not sure of the answer to this – I don’t work in or know a great deal about the criminal law.

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