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I want to start a website where you can search for flights – you can buy this flight by being redirected to another provider.  If my website works I want to do affiliate business in the future (I will be redirecting traffic to providers of flight tickets) but for now I will get no money from this. I only want to test my program. People will fill only the usual – “fly from” “dates” etc. nothing else. If they want to buy it – they can but on another site.  Do I need any special terms and conditions or any other legal stuff?

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

Just because you are not earning money from the website doesn’t mean that you are outside the scope of regulation.

Yes, you will avoid some of the rules (eg on disclosing the basis on which you are paid), but the legal differences between an affiliate website and the same website minus affiliate links and earnings are not huge.

So the short answer is: you do strictly need to comply with a range of laws here, and there are also some legal risks you should take account of, and using appropriate legal documents is a good way to do these things.

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