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I want to use one of your free disclaimers – the medical disclaimer – on my website. The website published health-related information. Is this legal?

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Alasdair Taylor's Answer

“Legal” in what sense?

There are at least 3 possibilities:

  1. Do you have the right to use the template under copyright law? – Yes, because we control the copyright, and under our terms and conditions we grant you a right to use the document. You must, of course, comply with those terms and conditions (e.g. retaining the SEQ Legal link/credit).
  2. Are any of the terms of the document illegal under applicable law? – That will depend upon the legal system in question and the particular circumstances in which you use the document. Under English law, the main risk would be if you used the document in relation to a consumer contract.
  3. Does the disclaimer effectively disclaim liability? – Again, this depends upon applicable law, and also the detail of the circumstances in which you use the document.


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